Vote for Dota 2 in WCG 2012

All these years we did want to see DotA in the World Cyber Games but something or the other always managed to keep our wait alive but this time could be different.

Dota 2 might still be in the beta phase but it’s inching closer and closer to the grand release as every day goes by.

The folks at the World Cyber Games have put up their yearly community poll to choose the representing games at the Grand Finale of the event later this year. It’s time for you to vote and support Dota 2 so we can witness some intense action this year as the world’s best compete.

The procedure is simple. Follow through this link and then fill up the required entries and submit your selections. Dota 2 can be found under the RTS & MOBA genre. You have the option to make two choices with both your first and second preferences marked out.

So what are you waiting for? Boost us in to WCG 2012. Go Go Go!!! Dota 2!!!

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